Origami Creations

I'm excited to launch the new Earthly Moments Facebook page and eStore! Come visit, like and shop around. Don't be discouraged if you only see earrings, more origami creations are coming. Stay tuned and visit often! Autumn Flower Evoke old-school glamour with this one-of-a-kind pair of origami rose earrings. Read more. Cube Impressions Part impressionist,… Continue reading Origami Creations


Transcient Delights – Flower Basket Towel Art

For me, a large part of what makes hotel stays so charming are the fun and decorative towel accents. There is always that climactic moment, when needing to use a towel, I am obliged to unravel those artful folds. In a moment fraught with hesitancy and near abhorrence, art and beauty is stripped to something… Continue reading Transcient Delights – Flower Basket Towel Art


Covergence of the Seasons

Temperatures hovered around 70 degrees Fahrenheit, proclaiming a beautiful spring day. The last thing I expected to see was...ICE? My eyes do a double take as I pass under Minelot Falls and spot the large broken chunks of white. Recalling to mind mini glaciers, these stalwarts of winter silently stood against the rushing water, overlooking… Continue reading Covergence of the Seasons