Covergence of the Seasons

water 1

Temperatures hovered around 70 degrees Fahrenheit, proclaiming a beautiful spring day. The last thing I expected to see was…ICE?

My eyes do a double take as I pass under Minelot Falls and spot the large broken chunks of white. Recalling to mind mini glaciers, these stalwarts of winter silently stood against the rushing water, overlooking a valley of budding green.

Startled, I looked about seeking a source for this incongruous intrusion.

Yet, why should this juxtaposition of winter’s cold against spring’s new life be so inconceivable, so incomprehensible that my first thought was of some practical joker?

Society teaches us from an early age that winter melts into spring, and not winter co-exists with spring. The scene before me so contradicted this “natural law” that I was momentarily blindsided. It was a jolting reminder that as hard as we may try, we are a long ways from “figuring it all out”.

Thus smiling now at this refreshing sight, I stood back to enjoy the fantastic 116ft (35.4m) plunge of Minelot Falls, my mind a little more at ease with the unpredictable and a little more opened to the world of endless possibilities.



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