Transcient Delights – Flower Basket Towel Art

For me, a large part of what makes hotel stays so charming are the fun and decorative towel accents.

There is always that climactic moment, when needing to use a towel, I am obliged to unravel those artful folds. In a moment fraught with hesitancy and near abhorrence, art and beauty is stripped to something mundane.

Admittedly, towel art is completely devoid of practical and materialistic worth.  Yet, rightfully or wrongfully, we, as a society, attribute high value to the qualities of rarity and aesthetics.

What is more rare than a fleeting object that was made to be unmade?  What is more attractive than transforming the plain into a work of beauty?

And so, you will find below, instructions for an easy flower basket for that special guest or special occasion or simply because it adds a bit of the delightful to turn an ordinary day extraordinary.

Supplies:  1 rectangular hand towel, 1 square face towel


Step 1: Set aside the square towel.  Laying the rectangular towel vertically on a flat counter, fold up the bottom edge by 1/3 and then down by 1/2. (If you have a towel with an edge design, you can fold so that the design is accentuated.)


Step 2: Flip unto the backside. Fold the right edge in by 1/3, then fold the left edge in on top. Tuck the entire bottom left corner into the “pocket” opening on the right side. Press flat then lift out the upper-most layer of the left corner to the top. This “double tuck” helps to secure the towel corners in place.


Step 3: Hang the folded towel on a horizontal rack, leaving the back slightly longer than the front. Tuck the back upwards into the opening underneath the front.


Step 4:  Heading back now to the square towel, fold into approx 1″ pleats. Crease in the center to form a fan.


Step 5: Tuck the pleated fan into the front pocket of the hanging rectangular towel. Stand back to admire your delightful new bathroom accent, ready to be unmade!


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