Origami Creations

I’m excited to launch the new Earthly Moments Facebook page and eStore!

Come visit, like and shop around. Don’t be discouraged if you only see earrings, more origami creations are coming. Stay tuned and visit often!

Autumn Flower

autumnflowerEvoke old-school glamour with this one-of-a-kind pair of origami rose earrings. Read more.

Cube Impressions

geometryPart impressionist, part cubist, this pair of artsy origami earrings with turquoise bead adds a burst of color and fun. Read more.

Dancing Cranes

bluecraneYou’re sure to capture everyone’s attention gliding across the room in this pair of enchanting earrings featuring original origami and Swarovski beads. Read more.

Flying Cranes

greencraneImagination takes flight with these hand-crafted origami crane earrings. These cranes will carry your fashion style to new heights. Read more.

Spring Rose

pinkrose1Combine elegance and sophistication with this pair of origami rose studs featuring red coral centers.Tres chic! Read more.

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