Cloudy Skies

When was the last time you looked up into the clouds? Those white globulars of water condensate continually morphing into new formations. 

I admit it’s been a while since I’ve look beyond the realm of digital clouds. Seated aboard a boat today, in the middle of a lake far away from mobile signals and wifi, I was surprised to observe just how varied the clouds evolved within an hour’s time. 

From stormy clouds clearing a path through the heavens and piercing rays of light to clear sky blue canvases with dots of white, the sky launched through a display showcasing the full spectrum of human emotions. 

Then my eyes spotted a seeming anomaly  – a faint half corcle outlined in white. It took my brain a minute to process, this was our moon, visible during daylight but already foreshadowing of the night to come.

2 thoughts on “Cloudy Skies”

  1. Love me some clouds and day-moons! Wide-open clear skies are great but they’re kinda like blank canvases. Those white cotton candy puffs are like the decor, the icing on the cake. It’s just not the same without them! 🙂

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