From afar it is reminiscent of little house on the pairie – an innocent structure sitting alone in a vast green field on a hilltop.

Barely see through, yet undeniably comprised of solid parts, it seems to cut through the temporal fluidity of time and space. Existing another as if on another plane, within sigh yet out of reach.

Approaching, that feeling of otherworldliness intensifies. The malleable yellow strings yielding as one moves past, hitting against one’s corporeal form, giving shape to one’s physical outline.

Our vision becomes bent, distorted. What we see and don’t see blends together. Our spatial awareness is at once limited and enhanced by the soft confines of the space.

Olana melts into a dreamscape, a vision. We are left to ponder, what lies beyond?

Penetrable by Jesus Rafael Soto is part of OVERLOOK (May 14 to November 5) at Olana, examining the interpretations of Frederick Church and his contempories’ to the culture and landscapes of Latin American.

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