Stone Expressions

Inuksuit, inuksuk in the singular, dot the Arctic tundras. Varying in shape and size, they are deeply rooted in Inuit culture. Their attributed uses include as points of references for navigation, as marker for travel routes, fishing places, camps, hunting grounds, and places of veneration, and as drift fences used in hunting or to assist in the herding caribou into contained areas for slaughter.

Nowadays, inuksuit are ubiquitous sights dotting  every mountain top, standing tall defying gravity against breaktaking panoramas.

They take time and patience to build, requiring just the right touch of balance and counterbalance.

They spark the imagianation and never look the same from any given perspective.

Mother and child? Two friends going for a hug? The left one a frog, the right a bear?

How about now – 56 Leonard (aka Jenna building) and the Guggenheim? Or a standing seal and a duck?

The references are endless. 

Oftentimes you’ll encounter some fallen pebbles or a some extra rocks. Or accidently knock one over. If your like me or my friends, that is all that’s needed to spark your hands on spirit and add to the creation. 

Bonus points for anyone who spots all the changes in the images.

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