Beyond the Falls

I am inexplicably drawn to waterfalls as moths are to a flame.  With a 260 feet (79 meters) drop split between two bellowing cascades, Kaaterskill Falls is one of the Eastern US' tallest waterfalls.  Thomas Cole first visited Kaaterskill Falls in 1825 and the waterfall susequently became a favorite setting for painters of the Hudson… Continue reading Beyond the Falls


Stone Expressions

Inuksuit, inuksuk in the singular, dot the Arctic tundras. Varying in shape and size, they are deeply rooted in Inuit culture. Their attributed uses include as points of references for navigation, as marker for travel routes, fishing places, camps, hunting grounds, and places of veneration, and as drift fences used in hunting or to assist… Continue reading Stone Expressions


Grand staircase

There's always something ephemerally beautiful about grand staircases. At once inviting and imposing, they loom large over foyers and hint at the riches and luminaries to be found just around the corner, sheltered from view, upstairs. Standing in front of  the nautical themed grand entrance staircase of George Eastman's former home in Rochester with its… Continue reading Grand staircase


Cost of Crossing a Bridge

Recently, I’ve had to drive a fair bit from Albany to Queens and back on the weekends. As Labor Day approaches, I thought I’d share my findings in terms of cost-time ratio. (Scroll below for a comprehensive list of all NYC bridges and tunnels and their respective tolls.) My usual route, costing a total $31.37… Continue reading Cost of Crossing a Bridge