Guqin music – 无羁 (Wu Ji) One of my 2021 New Year’s resolutions is to write a blog post each month. There’s been so many topics popping up that I’ve been struggling all month to settle upon anything concrete to write about. There are days when it feels humanity is falling apart at the seams. In the end I decide… Continue reading Guqin music – 无羁 (Wu Ji)

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Chihuly @ NY Botanical Garden

My first exposure to the glass artwork of Chihuly was in 2017 at the New York Botanical Garden. Billed as his first major garden exhibition in New York in more than ten years, CHIHULY promised a "sensory-filled exhibition [...] showcasing Chihuly’s signature organic shapes in brilliant colors". Part new work, part retrospective, the 20 installations featured… Continue reading Chihuly @ NY Botanical Garden

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Glass House in the Woods

Perhaps the second most famous private residence in the United States, after Falling Water, the Glass House was designed and built by Philip Johnson in 1948-49 to serve as his summer house. Over the next half century, Johnson would add both land and buildings to the estate which eventually became his primary resident, passing peacefully during the… Continue reading Glass House in the Woods


Appreciating Incense Trails

There are three "ways", or ceremonious art forms, shared among East Asian cultures that have been passed down thousands of years. The first is the Way of Tea, or the tea ceremony (茶道). The second is the Way of Flowers, more commonly known in the West by its Japanese name ikebana (花道). The third is… Continue reading Appreciating Incense Trails