Celebrating Chung Yeung

The Chung Yeung Festival (重阳节) falls on the ninth day of the ninth Chinese lunar month, which this year happened to be on a Saturday - October 28. I celebrated the day with friends in the Catskills; hiking in the woods, drinking chrysanthemum tea and sharing Chungyeung cake. Literally translated, the festival's name in Chinese means "double yang". In… Continue reading Celebrating Chung Yeung


Falling for Apples

Dropping outdoor temperatures marks the arrival of Fall, and trumpets the highly-anticipated start of the apple-picking season. There is truly something magical stepping through an apple orchard during the crisp morning hours.  The earth wakes from its dewy slumber. The branches extend their silent welcome. The air dense with an aroma of delightful serendipity. Colors… Continue reading Falling for Apples