Cost of Crossing a Bridge

Recently, I’ve had to drive a fair bit from Albany to Queens and back on the weekends. As Labor Day approaches, I thought I’d share my findings in terms of cost-time ratio. (Scroll below for a comprehensive list of all NYC bridges and tunnels and their respective tolls.) My usual route, costing a total $31.37… Continue reading Cost of Crossing a Bridge


Beer and BBQ: Part I

I've been meaning to write this for a while now, and this being Labor Day weekend, there's no better time to indulge in the topic. (Scroll down directly for recipes to Vegetable Shish Kebabs and Apple and Cheese Chicken Sausage.) Grilled foods are a mainstay of Labor Day festivities. Especially in the Northeast, Labor Day… Continue reading Beer and BBQ: Part I


Happy Labor Day!

Labor Day in the US is observed every first Monday in September, which this year falls on September 1 (today!). While the three-day weekend has now evolved into another commercial extravaganza marked by BBQ parties and store sales (some retailers claim that sales are second only to Black Friday in November), the public holiday itself… Continue reading Happy Labor Day!